• Member Spotlight

  • Brittney Dyson, Branch Manager
    Suntrust Bank

    How many years have you been with your profession? 5 Years

    How many years have your been in your position? 3 Years

    What do you love most about your job? I feel I am in a position to truly impact someone's life. Just the other day, I helped a client save over $400 a month and she was able to open her first savings account ever at 52 years old. That is why I go to work! I want my clients as well as my teammates to be present and enjoy the moments in life that matter most. 

    Which business leader in McDuffie County has had the biggest impact on your career and how?  Bud Lunceford has always been very supportive of me. Whenever he visits my branch, he wants to know what's new and how we are doing. He always encourages me to be vocal and present in the community, and I really appreciate his support of me and my career. 

    What does your Chamber membership mean to you? It means I have a voice in my community. I get the privilege of representing my company as well as joining hands with other businesses on how we can better the community in which we do business. 

    What is your favorite Chamber event and why?  I have two favorite events. My first is the annual banquet. It is such a fun evening with great food and great fellowship. My second is the Fall Crows. This is our third year doing it but my team always has fun with this event. We won last year, and I was able to treat my branch to lunch twice with our winnings. It was a great engagement activity for my team. 

    When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and why? I grew up watching Hank Parker, Orlando Wilson, Shaw Grigsby and Bill Dance TV shows. I told my dad when I was 6 that I didn't want a car when I turned 16. I wanted a Triton Bass Boat that was black with dark green sparkles, because I was going to be a professional fisherman. Needless to say, I went a different direction. 

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