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  • Leadership McDuffie provides a forum for participants to learn about challenges and opportunities in Thomson and McDuffie County. Leadership McDuffie serves to identify, recognize and develop leaders in the Thomson-McDuffie area and to maintain a continuing broad base of active, informed and effective leaders for our community.

    The Thomson-McDuffie Chamber of Commerce sponsors Leadership McDuffie and takes an active role to help the program.

    Leadership McDuffie is a six-month program that focuses on leadership development in McDuffie County. Created in 1989 by the Thomson-McDuffie Chamber of Commerce, the program affords the opportunity to build leaders in the community and increase citizen involvement. Leadership McDuffie participants increase their awareness, involvement and understanding in a variety of areas, including governmental organizations, rural and urban development, education and business. 

    This year's class is facilitated by the JW Fanning Institute from the University of Georgia.  The retreat will take place in September at Camp Lakeside.

  • Class Schedule Class Schedule

    Classes begin at 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

    October 4th - Community Image  / Location: UGA Archway Partnership Office

    November 8th -Health & Wellness / Location: Thomson Family YMCA 

    December 6th -Workforce Development / Location: UGA Archway Partnership Office

    January 17th - Leadership Opportunities / Location: Thomson Depot

    February 7th - McDuffie County Day with Chamber / Georgia State Capitol

    (Bonus Session) March TBD - Meet with Local, State and Federal Leaders / Thomson Depot

  • Leadership Class 2023-2024

    • Sarah Adams-UGA Archway Professional for Thomson-McDuffie
    • Carrington Beggs-Executive Director of the Thomson-McDuffie Chamber of Commerce
    • Titta Bland-Worksource
    • Karen Fioretti-The McDuffie Progress
    • Martin Geimer-Watson & Knox
    • Winston Grier- A&L Tire Services
    • Henry Hawkins-Sherman & Hemstreet
    • Valencia Hunt-Augusta University Medical Center
    • Abigayle Kelley- Boys & Girls Club of Greater Augusta
    • Kristin Knight-Piedmont McDuffie
    • David Mew-Elastic Inc.
    • Tony Mims- East GA Housing Authority Partners
    • Pete Pinkston-Amandla IT & Security
    • Rodney Reeves-McDuffie County Board of Education
    • Laura Williamson-East GA Housing Authority
    • Trevor Welcher-Thomson McDuffie Rec Dept. 
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