• Ribbon Cuttings

  • Contact the Chamber at 706-597-1000 to schedule your ribbon cutting, open house, or grand opening ceremony at least 2 weeks in advance. We’ll notify the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Ambassadors, City/County Officials and press and encourage them to attend.

    We can provide you with a list of Chamber members that can assist you with catering and beverage services. We’ll bring the giant scissors, and take pictures at the appointment time. A photo and acknowledgement of your ribbon cutting will be in The McDuffie Progress. It will also be posted on Chamber social media.

    As the host of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony you may consider the following tips for a successful event:

    • Invite neighboring businesses, existing and prospective customers, personal friends and family.
    • Provide refreshments for guests.
    • Offer to give tours of your business to the guest.
    • A small gift or souvenir for your guest can help to make your opening more successful.
    • Or you may opt to promote your business by offering door prizes.
    • Display company materials: cards, brochures and literature.
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