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    The Blanchard and Calhoun family of businesses continues to pride itself on our efforts of being a cornerstone in the development of the Augusta and surrounding areas for over 100 years. In addition to providing neighborhoods, developments, homes, and more, our organization actively gives back to our community each year. We are truly committed to our community, its history, and its future.

    Debra Vernon has many years of experience with real estate matters. A veteran and a military spouse for over 25 years, she knows and understands the challenges of searching for and finding that perfect place to call home. Debra and her Family have faced the trepidation of relocating on more than 10 occasions, so she has personal knowledge of how important it is to do things right when dealing with large investments, yet still have a pleasurable experience while securing a safe and secure home that fits the needs of your Family. She has made the CSRA her permanent home and has a strong bond and connection to her military Families and the community that supports them. Debra found her home with the help of a very caring and dedicated real estate professional – let her use her knowledge and experiences to take away some of the uncertainty and frustrations with buying or selling your home. She loves people and really enjoys helping others, so tell her what you want and sit back and let her do the work!


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