• Augusta Locally Grown

    About Us

    Augusta Locally Grown is a nonprofit organization promoting local, sustainable food in the CSRA.
    OUR ECONOMY: Eating local food supports the local economy. In fact, 90% of all sales made through our farmers markets goes right back to the farmers.
    OUR ENVIRONMENT: Sustainable farming and gardening nurtures the soil, protects water and ensures that farm animals have sunshine, fresh air and natural forage. Growers are located within 100 miles of Augusta.
    OUR HEALTH: Nutrition starts with appreciation for seasonality, locality, variety and flavor. Whole foods bring us into contact with leaves, stems, roots and bone. We cook with equal parts economy and awe.
    OUR COMMUNITY: Good food brings people together. We organize dozens of community events, farm dinners, tours, farm work days and educational programs throughout the year.
    OUR HERITAGE: Growing, harvesting, hunting, fishing, preserving, cooking, enjoying each other's company while preparing and sharing a meal ... in these ways we reclaim self-reliant traditions as foundations of our heritage in the CSRA.

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